Who we are

Honeycomb Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded one bright wintry day in 2012 by four IT professionals who are passionate about education in general and science in particular. We are a team of professionals who believe science needs to be a way of life, and are constantly striving to answer the following questions: How do we make our children really understand and appreciate scientific concepts;  How do we use technology to enhance their learning?

We’ve worked on a variety of platforms in the software industry, with diverse domain knowledge combined with management practice at various levels, and have a combined experience of over 80 man-years in the IT industry and over 60 combined years of parenting.

Our mission is to inspire the next generation of inquisitive and diligent students using science, technology and engineering to develop enduring curiosity and to demonstrate that knowledge is empowering.

What we do

At Honeycomb Solutions, we're excited about the potential of well designed, thoughtful, interactive technology for both educating children and supporting educators. We want learning with our apps to be engaging, enriching, supportive, educational and fun.  Our apps not only help children understand their curriculum concepts, but also contribute to their overall growth, building up skills such as creativity, innovation, logical analysis, and critical thinking.

We thus combine educational insights and thoughtful design with the highest level of software development skills to enrich kids' lives with world class digital apps for various science topics on a variety of platforms including tablets,  desktops and mobile phones. Our apps feature: