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Simple Machines This highly engaging and interactive app helps in comprehensively understanding and applying the concepts of simple machines with the help of animations and fun-filled simulations. Learn about concepts starting from force and work, and explore the world of simple machines around you including levers, pulleys, wheel and axles, inclined planes, screws, and wedges. The app is packed with the following features: Concept book: You will be able to study principles of simple machines  and grasp them in detail with easy to understand animation, drawings, and  visual images Did You Know: This provides interesting facts and snippets about simple machines from both a historical perspective and current context Quiz: This tests your understanding of concepts and ability to relate to real life examples Explore More: You are encouraged here to apply the concepts you read to simple experiments using objects around you Simulation: This provides a life-like situation to apply concepts and learn from various alternative courses of action.   This app is intended for students primarily in grades 4-7 who want to understand concepts from scratch, as a supplemental guide for teachers, and as a reference tool for those who want to strengthen their understanding of the subject. This iPad app can be purchased from iTunes AppStore.
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