Learning Science

Science is about understanding how the natural world works – in a systematic and logical way. Science is not just a repository of knowledge. It’s about observing the world around us, constructing new ideas about how the world around us works, and validating these ideas, until we become very confident about them through repeated observation and experimentation. Science is objective. Science explains how things work. Science is not static; it’s evolving, improving our understanding of the universe.

Many aspects of science are relevant to everyone and are applicable in our day to day life. Most of the things that we experience or use everyday are built on the application of scientific knowledge.

Benefits of learning science for children are enormous. Building an aptitude for science harnesses the curiosity and imagination in children. Children have a natural curiosity to know.  Science can feed that apatite. Science develops life skills e.g. patience, perseverance and ability to form their own opinions. Science helps children to think big, think about solving complex solutions in the future.

Understanding the mysteries of the natural world can be a fascinating experience for children. It can be fun, engaging and fulfilling. Nurturing science learning can be very rewarding for the society.

Explore science. Appreciate life.